Before you Buy

  • Indeed Furbit is recommended for pets of any size. It can be placed on your pet’s collar using the mounting bracket and velcro tape provided with the box.

  • Yes, Furbit is IP67 waterproof. However, keep it dry as much as possible and do not try to charge a wet Furbit Lite device.

  • Furbit Lite is the lighter version and it works off of Wi-Fi.

  • Furbit works with Verizon 4G cellular network and Wi-Fi.

  • Both Furbit and Furbit Lite measure your pet's step count and activities like run, walk, etc. based on which it calculates the total calories burnt. It also helps you set custom goals.

    Here are the activities that the Furbit Pet Activity monitors track about your pet:

    1. Step Count - The device uses a 3D accelerometer to measure the accurate step counts of your pet.
    2. Activity - Depending on the intensity of movements such as walking and running, the device estimates your pet’s total activity period.
    3. Rest - The device estimates the Rest time based on your pet’s idleness.
    4. Calories Burnt - The device uses weight, duration, and intensity of your pet’s behavior to estimate daily calories burnt.
    5. Custom Goals - The app provides an option for you to set daily custom goals for your pet.

  • Yes. Apart from managing Furbit and Pet Temperature monitors, the Nimble Pet App also allows access to Pet Parents resources including Pet Blogs and Pet Guides which are curated by Pet Professionals and experts. Another fun and engaging part of the app is Nimble Pet Community. It helps Pet Parents to share their pet moments and get socialized with other like-minded people.

  • Furbit comes with a warranty period of One Year from the date of purchase.

  • The battery life depends on your pet’s activity. When fully charged; Furbit lite lasts upto 21 days and Furbit lasts upto 5 to 6 days.

  • Furbit Lite gives you an option to switch between different modes depending on your need to save battery.

    1. Normal Mode - The App syncs with Furbit for every hour and the battery lasts up to 21 days.
    2. Power Save Mode - The App syncs with Furbit for every 6 hours and the battery lasts up to 32 days
    3. Ultra Power Save Mode - The App syncs with Furbit for every 12 hours and the battery lasts up to 35 days.

  • No. Furbit Lite works on Wi-Fi. The real-time tracking feature is available only on Furbit GPS versions. Furbit GPS versions will have an Adventure Mode by which you can track your pet’s activity and location in real time.

  • Both Furbit Lite and GPS versions take about 3 hours to fully charge. The status LED will flash in red, indicating the battery is charging, and turns Green when it’s fully charged.

  • The Furbit Lite comes with an yearly subscription $36/Year.

  • Features Furbit Lite Furbit
    Step Count
    Calories Burn
    Custom Goal Setting
    Power Mode
    Power Save
    Ultra Power Save
    Battery Life Up to 20 Days Up to 5-6 Days

  • Furbit Pet Fitness Monitor, Mounting Bracket, Charging Pad, C-Type Cable and Velcro (2 Nos)

Getting Started

  • Charging your Furbit Pet Fitness Monitor

    a. Make sure the wireless charger is plugged in.
    b. Place the monitor without mounting brackets on the charging pad.
    c. The Status LED will start to flash in red indicating that the battery is charging.
    d. The status LED will turn green once it is fully charged. It may take about 3 - 4 hours for the monitor to be fully charged.

    Caution   After charging, allow the device to cool down for 15 minutes.

  • a. Download and Install the Nimble Pet App from App Store or Play Store.
    b. Follow the sign up process and complete your profile.
    c. You’re ready to sync Furbit with smartphone.

  • Furbit uses Bluetooth to communicate and Wi-fi to exchange data with your smartphone.

    Click Connect Button to pair the Furbit with your smartphone and Wi-Fi Network. And please follow the instructions in the app to get started with our Furbit.

  • Attaching the Furbit on Pet’s Collar

    1. Insert the velcro into the mounting bracket on the backside.
    2. Fit the mounting bracket to your dog’s collar and make sure the soft surface is on the dog’s side.

    3. Place the monitor on the mounting bracket and press it gently until it is securely locked in place.
    4. Cover your device with a protective sleeve for added protection.

  • Updating the pet profile with Breed name, Age,
    Weight and Height provides better accuracy on
    Fitness Activities, Calories Burnt, Active and Rest time.

  • The Nimble Pet App can be downloaded for free on AppStore & PlayStore.

    Note: To use Nimble Pet App, an iOS version must be 11.4 or above and an Android must be 5.0 or above

  • In case you want to connect multiple networks to your Furbit monitor all you have to do is type your Wi-Fi name and password on your Nimble Pet App Wi-FI Settings. It allows you to connect with two Wi-Fi networks.

    Note: Wi-Fi name and password are case-sensitive

Using Furbit

  • Fitness Dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your pet’s activity and fitness levels including Active, Rest, Step count, Calories burnt. You may also set custom goals.

  • Leadership Board ranks and shows your pet’s performance in relation to the performance of other pets in our Nimble Pet App community.

  • Furbit Lite helps you track Rest, walk, step counts and calories burnt by pet. Furbit GPS versions, provides real-time location of your pet in addition to the activity and fitness data.

  • You can set up your goals based on step counts. And you will get rewards for every goal that you achieve.

    Easy as 1-2-3 to setup the goals

    1. Click the Settings,
    2. Open the Goals, under the Furbit section.
    3. You can set the target to your dog based on the No. of Steps.

  • Adventure mode gets activated once Furbit goes out of your Wi-Fi network zone. When on Adventure mode, the device syncs up with your mobile App for every 3 minutes and this mode is active for only 6 hours. If you prefer to extend the Adventure Mode more than six hours, then you may simply toggle it back on your App.

    Note: This feature is available on Furbit GPS device only.

  • Safe Zone is when the Furbit monitor is within your home Wi-Fi range or connected to your personal bluetooth zone.

    Danger zone will be activated when your device is out of your cellular or Wi-Fi range.

    Note: Safe Zone is available on both Furbit Lite and Furbit GPS. Danger Zone is available only on Furbit GPS.

  • Based on your dog’s information like height, weight, breed, etc., you will get an instant report on your dog's health conditions.

    • Body Mass Index - Know whether your dog is overweight according to your dog's size and breed.
    • Injury Index - Shows how likely your dog is to get injured.
    • Recommended Calories - Calculates the recommended daily calorie intake for your dog to maintain its ideal weight.

    Note: Please note that this report should be used only as a guideline. You may need to consult your veterinarian for your dog’s specific requirements.


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