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High Energy Sports and Activities for Your Dog

Pet care is more than just feeding your dog. You need to work that doggo out! We are talking about their exercise regime. Is she a couch potato? Is she a sleeper until you dr...
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How to turn your dog into your fitness buddy?

As adults it can be hard to find time to squeeze in daily trips to the gym between our other obligat...
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What does being a responsible pet owner mean?

As we are already into February, the month of love, do you know it is also the Responsible Pet Owner...
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Everything you need to know about Muscle Building in Dogs!

Bodybuilding is not an easy task. Be it for humans or dogs. It takes a lot of effort. Have you ever ...
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Is it better to feed a dog before or after exercise?

Dogs need exercise. A great walk should do, you may think. Perhaps, yes! But, it isn’t as easy as it...
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Ways to exercise your dog during winter!

Winter season is not ideal to spend a lot of time outdoors but your pets still need to burn off the ...
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Why Does My Dog Spin Around ?

As a lifelong dog owner, I have frequently asked the dogs in my life the same question, “What on ear...
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Dog Exercise: The No-BS Guide to a Healthy Pet

Author: Taylor Ritz Dogs need daily exercise to remain physically and mentally happy and healthy. Ju...
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Why is my dog shaking?

Read Part-1 of this series “Why is my dog doing this?“ Read Part-3 of this series “Why is my dog doi...